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Who We Are!

AL ZAYTUNA SCHOOL is registered, in the UK, as a non-profit, charitable organisation, fully independent, non-racial, non-political, dedicated to the promotion of Arabic , language and culture in the field of Education and Academia.

About Us

About us


OUR VISION is to see the Arabic Language Learning & Teaching as a second / foreign language, wanted by so many, regulated, practiced at a high quality level and successful in its delivery.


OUR MISSION is to contribute , with our long experience in the field, to the development of the Arabic Language Teaching with teacher training programmes and working with schools organising the learning. Our Arabic language courses for non-Arabic speakers and our English language courses for Arabic speakers are part of our mission to facilitate integration and understanding within and between communities.


OUR WORK is mainly with (1) teachers to whom we offer training on teaching skills in general, if they have no teaching background/ or wish to develop theirs in Methodology and Foreign language teaching techniques as applied to Arabic (2) schools that we help with advice, professional guidance as to how to organise the teaching and delivery of the Arabic language in their curriculum, how to select learning resources, how to set learning targets and assessment systems and (3) Language courses offered both for Arabic and English learners, from both communities .